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Simple pleasures

Alfers – Simple pleasures

The launch of the new Alfers flavors and packaging range is the perfect moment to communicate and refresh the overall brand image, keeping the consistency with their criteria: great product, basic aromas fitting Romanias taste and the promise that you get more than you pay for.

Wafers category represents a simple pleasure, a sweet treat, not necesarilly to satisfy one’s hunger, but when you feel the need of something good. Because simple pleasure should remain simple.

The campaign dramatizes this thought, simple pleasures went surprisingly wrong, transforming what it would normaly should have been simple and pleasant, in something with bad consequences. It’s all

about Alfers promise, a simple pleasure, with no unpleasant surprises for its consumers.

Alfers wafers re-launch campaign consists in 3 TV commercials launched this year - „Fishing”, „Poker” and „Barbeque”.