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Always more than you expect - Candid Camera

The challenge:

Flanco, one of the Top 3 players in Electro-IT industry, had a hard time in the past years, having to massively reorganize and close some of its stores. Though one of the oldest players on the market, it was neither perceived as offering the best price (position owned by Altex) nor as having a wide range of products (price and range being 2 of the main category drivers). However, research showed that it offered the best services on the market and was perceived as having the best and nicest personnel .

The main objective of communication was to build a brand. An idea. That would create an emotional involvement with the buyers that drove likeability and preference.


Our idea: was to capitalize on our strengths and turn our weaker points in our favor. We are not the cheapest? No need. We are the best value for money. Not the widest range of products? That’s because we wisely choose the best for you. We are not about money, numbers, only functional benefits but quality, emotion and making our client’s lives better. We are all about the shopping experience. That can become the “extra” you get – You first must become friend with your client before you make a sale.

At Flanco, you find good prices, you find the needed products and more…

Flanco is more than you expect.


How did we led the brand idea in communication?

We wanted to walk the talk. To prove that we do what we say we do. That’s why, we decided to make real people experience the “more than just a retail shop” live, when shopping. And filmed the reactions with hidden cameras.