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More fruit more energy.

Year: 2005-2010

The Challenge:

In 2004, the noncarbonated soft drinks was the strongest developing category within Romanian Soft Drinks.

Prigat (launched 1994) was using a pillar brand strategy and succeeded in building two sub-brands: Prigat Nectar (since 1998) and Prigat Activ (since 2002), with completely different positioning and personalities. As the brand diversified, it seemed to be harder and harder to communicate them, due to budget limitations, communication occasions etc. We needed to switch our communication strategy from “pillar” based, to “umbrella” one.

The perfect moment for the re-launch came in October 2004, when Prigat became the first non-carbonated soft drinks brand with no preservatives in PET packaging.

The strategic challenge was to find a brand proposition, suitable for all our sub brands thus optimizing our communication efforts.

The challenge was to find that single meaningful umbrella positioning, suitable for Prigat and death frightening for our competitors.

The Campaign:

In order to differentiate from our competition, we had to keep the brand away from the conventional category communication clichés: happy healthy people, slow motion, mouthwatering images…. We looked after an inspirational proposition. All these keeping in mind we’re a soft drink brand, in a pretty low involvement category, so we considered a “don’t take it too serious” approach will suit the brand.

We came with the “natural energy” positioning. The rationale for the “natural” in this positioning statement was the fact that Prigat had at that moment the highest fruit content among all non-carbonated soft drinks. The “energy” was the key benefit which embeds all the rational ones of the category (healthiness, naturalness) and also the creative trigger to assure likeability of our communication. Energy was also Prigat Activ territory, one of Prigat sub-brands that proved successful.

We decided the creative idea to work on… “Extra energy in everyday life situations”, with some mandatory guidelines to consider when developing the creative work:

  • We are not a sports drink, so be sure not to promise energy for professional sports.
  • Although Prigat is a mass market brand, when thinking to communication target, we develop messages for young and smart people
  • Do not take it too serious. Talk in a light and entertaining manner.
  • Keep the brand in the advertising land – no one will believe that drinking Prigat really offers you an energy boost, but eventually will understand that it’s about a creative solution to make the brand entertaining
  • Involve the audience in the story. We’ll strive to come up with smart, intelligent messages, half told stories which make you think a little bit in order to understand them.
  • No creative pattern is mandatory, as long as people get the “extra energy” message.


Up to now, the “natural energy” platform was declined in more than 25 different executions, from TV to event, trade executions and creative media.

The Results:

Year after year research shows us that communication has done its job along the way: supremacy in communication consistency and key performance indicators - preference, naturalness, innovation, healthiness and energy associators.