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Green for the prizes.

Year: 2010

The Challenge:

Although Nutline is the uncontested leader of the market, its position started to be eroded by local players and retailer brands competing with attractive value propositions. In order to secure its market share, Nutline decided to run a national sales promotion.

Our task was to think an effective promotional mechanism, to attract as many consumers as possible to the brand portfolio.

Mandatory elements included the standup comedy format with the two characters Bobo & Tania and the “Green for …” slogan, knowing that Green (as the color of the packaging) was one of the most important associations consumer make referring to Nutline.


The Campaign:

What promotional mechanism would be suitable for a target that basically consists in “everybody”? What prizes should be desirable for such heterogeneous people and offer them in the same time the perceived chance of easy win?

Money is the answer. And the mechanism would sound like this: “win 100 euro every hour by sending the unique code on every Nutline pack via SMS or web page”.

The creative approach was to write comedy moments related to 100 euros and the promotional mechanism. This was an entertaining and persuasive way of delivering the message, which proved to be very effective.


The Results:

“Green for the prizes” became one of the most successful FMCG sales promotions in the latest years, counting more than 1 million entries through web and SMS.

But moreover, it was a new start for a brand that struggled to find its identity, by assuming a not so serious brand promise and building a distinctive, light and entertaining brand personality.