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Green for...

Year: 2011


The Challenge:

As a market leader with a strong heritage, Nutline has to deal with the increasing pressure of both new local players and retailers brands. In these circumstances, what we had to do is to use the communication as a powerful tool in maintaining top awareness and consideration.

But first of all, we had to find a true and coherent brand identity, knowing that Nutline was unsuccessfully struggling for years to find a relevant promise for its audience.

And it has been proved that it was not the brand promise the key to this brand identity, but the brand personality.

The Campaign:

We positioned Nutline as “the natural supplement for fun”. It’s a supplement because, like it or not, eating seeds is rarely an independent activity on its own. It is generally a side activity, accompanying a main one, like watching the game, having a beer, talking with friends, watching the movie or playing games. It’s fun because the entire habit of consuming seeds is associated with good, fun, entertaining moments.

Creative wise we chose to deliver small pieces of comedy, starring two main characters: Bobo & Tania. Their show is based on relevant consumption moments and is always ended with the slogan “Green for … [football, games, movies, fun, going out, picnic and so on]”. Why Green for…? Because Green is the attribute most associated with Nutline (due to packaging color).

Media wise we placed those ads wherever possible to relevant media content. Around movie time, we placed the ads where Bobo &Tania would talk about movies. The same for the football match broadcasting, and so on.

At the end of the day, Nutline became a fun provider, using comedy as a tool to maintain a high level of attention, awareness and consideration for the brand.