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Jurnalul National
La Resistance

Year: 2009

The Challenge:

In the years that followed the Romanian Revolution of 1989, a lot have changed. Unfortunately the good things were followed by more profound, darker ones. You can visibly notice the change in values, principles, morality and common sense and the rise of non-values, false models and garbage information. It seems than the good old solid values are perishing.

For years, Jurnalul National was moving against the flow, refusing to act in the way the market goes. They stood for what we consider the authentic, traditional values. That’s why, for example, Jurnalul offered to its readers a classic Romanian book every week or a folk music festival once a year.

Jurnalul National was “resisting” and decided to launch a wake up all to all the people that felt by themselves suffocated by the invasion of non-values. A fight for what is right against the wrong. A public statement for the values Jurnalul National stood for but in the same time a desperate shout for salvation.

The Campaign:

We decided to publicly start what Jurnalul already did, but few knew at the time: an open fight against mediocrity, of timeless values against one-hit wonders. We called this initiative “La Resitance” and it was a call for everyone to fight back for the values they stand for in an attempt to save the good Romania for the bad one.

Over 30 famous people heard our call and joined the movement, stating their reasons for supporting La Rèsistance. Actors, singers, composers, critics, journalists, TV hosts, athletes, directors, doctors. We had even an anthem.

A dedicated website hosts all the testimonials and the articles, and also allows people to comment and join the movement.

The campaign started with a manifesto on the front page, written by the founder of Jurnalul National, Marius Tuca who officially launched and explained the initiative. Every new initiative from now on will eventually be signed by “La Resistance”. And each day, on the top of the front page, every reader would see a different motto stating several reasons you should join “La Resistance”.

The Results:

In just one month, almost 2500 people signed in in our movement. We received hundreds of emails supporting “La Resistance”. From all their comments, we were left with one thought about change. What if sometimes the change is not going forward, but going back? Remembering principles, and values, and decency?