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Energy Holding
Cleaning Camp

Year: 2007

The Challenge:

Energy Holding, the leader in private energy market, went through a period of negative PR. And unfortunately, press can write anything about anyone, without being forced to prove the accusations. And, in 2007 Romania, the public still believes anything the mass media communicates.

The Agency advised Energy Holding not to speak loud, but to prove their belief in a strong voice. Company’s positioning “Power comes with responsibility” to be demonstrated, not just declared.

The action not to counter attack the accusations, but to follow its route of leading and responsible private company: to act, not to speak.

Having the audience not only the general public, but also the public community, opinion leaders, press, politicians.

The Campaign:

The direction was to act in Corporate Social Responsibility, by building a greener Romania. And, as a first step, building a greener Danube Delta. The next step was to pick up the most important NGO fighting for Danube Delta’s future to be its partner in this project: Salvati Delta.

Salvati Delta and Energy Holding identified one of the most dangerous problems in Danube Delta: Polyethylene terephthalate or PET pollution. 37 tons of PET bottles are all over the Danube Delta.

Our aim was to clean the area and raise awareness about the problem.

We created one month cleaning camp, located at the point where Danube brings everything it collects on its way and in order to create awareness we decided to build, at the end of the camp, One Art project. We decided to call it Delta’s Monster and show it to as many people as possible in the country and outside.

The selection process was public and 80 volunteers came in teams of 20, during 4 weeks, to collect garbage and make a greener Delta.

And artist and his technicians, helped by volunteers, built the Delta’s Monster that was revealed to the public in one TV day dedicated to saving the Delta.


The Results:

The project was a success: 6 tons of PET collected. Awareness in the media, free media coverage value 50,000 EUROs, no negative PR during and after the Cleaning Camp.

The event was covered in press- TV and print, Internet. The press conference took part in the same day as Live Earth and Realitatea TV covered the event from the Danube Delta, from earth, water and air, almost one day dedicated to the Danube Delta. All the communication was associated with Energy Holding.

A good first step in building “Power comes with responsibility” positioning for Energy Holding, acting, not just telling.