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Ciuc Premium
Only taste matters.

Year: 2011

The Challenge:

Taste research has shown that Ciuc Premium’s taste is different from all other competitors’. What makes it distinctive is the combination between the German pils recipe which makes it a little bitter than other beers and the pure water of Harghita- a region well known for extensive reserves of high-quality water and wells- and which provide the majority of the mineral water drunk in Romania. This taste uniqueness is captured in Ciuc’s slogan, “a beer in a thousand”.

The brief was to simply communicate Ciuc’s distinctive taste, in way that nobody did it before.


The Campaign:

The common trap in communicating taste attribute is that it can easily lead to very rational, “seen before” advertising, talking about recipes, ingredients and so on. And we really wanted to avoid this.

What we did is to establish taste as the single most important criterion when choosing your beer. And if taste would be the one and only reason you should choose your beer for, we asked ourselves why we see on TV beer commercials with all kinds of other promises but taste. Some of them rely on their tradition, others on sponsoring football or other manly activities and there are others that are built around values like friendship, manhood etc.

So we came up with “Only taste matters” campaign in which we tried to convince the audience in a funny way that ahead of other values or benefits our competitors claim, taste is still the most important reason for drinking your beer.

This of course is not a scientific, solid proven fact. It is an idea pleaded by our “mad” scientist brand character in his “Ciuc Premium Beer Institute” courses. These are executional elements added to increase memorability and interestingness.