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The rest is Cancan. Daily content campaign.

Year: 2007

The Challenge:

On the tabloid market, Libertatea (268,000 daily copies) and Click (55.000 d c) gained their readers through big promotional platforms. Their communication is based around the prizes offered to readers. No image campaign. That was the only rule of the category in the past years.

Cancan- launched in April 2007 -by September 2007 reached an average of 50,000 daily sold copies per day.

Facing the competitive promotional campaigns, Cancan had two options. One was to follow the market route - and run a better promotion- more attractive prizes, higher value.

The second was to ignore competition and continue building the brand, as started in April. From the launch, Cancan assumed its tabloid positioning, so now we decided to challenge the consumer promotions as the only way to increase sales.

The challenge was to increase readership, despite the aggressive competitive promotions. Win brand vs promotional offers battle and to increase the number of daily sold copies with 30% by Nov 2007.

The Campaign:

Cancan positioning: Cancan is about sensational things and latest gossips about celebrities

The idea: “Do not fight fire with fire” principle. Instead of doing a promotional campaign, just like Libertatea and Click were doing at that time, our approach was to attract readers for what Cancan is, not for the prizes it offers to the readers. So we chose to talk daily about the subjects you’ll find the next day in Cancan.

Executions: Reveal the hottest subjects to be read in the next Cancan. The real challenge was to cover the topic at 4 o’clock and air the TVC at 6 o’clock, every day. We created a generic template to be easily updated every day according to the subject to be announced. The agency person was in permanent contact between the Client and the TV channel, where the TV commercial was produced.  A different story and TVC every day, Monday to Sunday, selling the next day topic.


The Results:

A 50.4% increase in number of sold copies (Nov 2007 vs Sep 2007) without any promotional incentive

By November 2007, Cancan reached an average of 75,499 daily copies per month. That’s an increase of 50.4% versus September 2007, before the campaign.

The daily update campaign surpassed its objective by 66,6%, despite the intensive promotions of Libertatea and Click. Brand wins, promotions lose.