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Smallest rate.


ALTEX, the leader on the home appliances market decided to run a communication campaign for its crediting/ financing company, CREDEX.

Credex is present only in Altex stores.

ALTEX is positioned as “The lowest price in Romania”.


The communication objectives were:

To make a strong association with the mother brand-  ALTEX

To underline the concept of “installment”.


Our solution:

Bringing Altex equity towards Credex through “the smallest installments in Romania” and using as communication character one of the most recognized and associated character in Romanian advertising, part of Altex communication- the Mad Man.

In execution, we implemented “the smallest installments in Romania” by expressing the concept of installment not in the classic way

Installment/month, but dramatizing the value of installment/day.



In just one month- October 2008, there was a volume increase of 20% of the loans, and a 74% increase vs October 2007.