Our Work Left Right

The smallest prices in Romania. The thrifty guy.

Year: 2010

The Challenge:

Back in 2010 when the economic recession was far from being over and the durables market was in decline, when the name of the game was cutting costs for surviving and none of the players invested in communication, there was one player who thought different.

Altex didn’t wait for the end of the recession to begin communicating with their audience. They understood that being a leader comes also with some responsibility. And one of these responsabilities is to give the entire market an impulse, a waking up call.

The role of communication was to keep the audience in touch with the brand and remind them than even in tough times, Altex is here, at their service. To assure people that Altex is “alive and kickin’”.


The Campaign:

The solution was a TV campaign consisting in eight executions, customized for eight product categories. But how do you talk about the recession in a light and humorous tone of voice, suited for Altex brand personality?

We invented a character whos main assets are pragmatism, innovative spirit and a sense of simple yet philosophical approach to things, especially when talking about money.

Meet The Thrifty Guy. He’s a middle aged man and he is probably the wisest guy on earth and the only one who figured out how to protect himself from the economic recession. His solution: escape the city and move to the countryside, where the life is chepear but at the same living standards if you master some little secrets. And one of it is buying your durables from Altex, because it’s the cheapest in the market.