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Napolitane anti-fitze

Alfers is the simplest wafer in the market. Simplest meaning that it offers uncomplicated wafer recipes, good old style chocolate, vanilla and lemon flavors. No fancy mixes, no fancy packaging. As the client,  well said it, “with Alfers, you pay for the wafer, not for the half empty bag, or fancy design”. Just a good wafer for the right price. That proved to be a key success factor in becoming the market leader.

The campaign should add awareness to the fact that Alfers is the “true waffer” and increase its appeal among the target audience.

The idea was to transform the plain “true wafer” slogan into a more meaningful message. Alfers would become a brand that encourages the authenticity and the simplicity and amends the no nonsense, fancy and useless show off behaviors. “Alfers. Anti-show off wafers.” became the new selling line.

When developing the commercials, we considered to use an unconventional way to portrait our characters – “chin faces”. We did that as a means to boost awareness and buzz, the vital ingredients in increasing sales.

As we expected, the campaign created a lot of buzz, both positive and negative, thus increasing the volume sales by 20%.