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City Bingo
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Bingo is a very popular game. However, in Romania, most of the gaming places closed and it wasn't very accesible. Our clients, thought it would be a good idea to re-invent the Bingo game and bring it closer to consumers - Bingo in pubs. All locations that decided to be part of this were provided with tickets and their own TV  screens and network so players could play in location, buy tickets on spot and see the hourly draws.


Thinking about it, we realized this was a really easy way to make money. You already are in a bar, you spend time there, one just had to buy a ticket and, before drinks were over could win a lot of money. We then reminded a few really funny ideas that people we knew or heard of in press, had in order to win some money...oh, the things people do :) No need for that now, as CityBingo is The Easiest Way to make money if you are in need.