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Blue Air
Smart Flying

An: 2008

The Challenge:

Blue Air is the leader in low cost travel category, a category that had accelerated growth with every year. Blue Air has a large and new fleet and the most experimented crews, but WizzAir came very close in term of number of passengers.

Despite the category growth, the entire category was facing two important barriers people had when considering a low cost air company:

-          Low cost is associated with low service, due to some negative word of mouth and PR, thus feeding the fear of flying with this kind of airline.

-       No airline have ever considered communicating thus, leaving the target with a sense of distrust for any of these companies.

Our task is to make people feel comfortable with the category and to convince the target that Blue Air is the most safe and experimented company in the category. In few words, we must assume our mission to educate, having many messages to convey, towards many sources of business and to draw the advantages towards Blue Air and less towards the entire category.

The Campaign:

We decided to reframe Blue Air, by defining a new category, different from the other low cost companies, so we positioned Blue Air as the first Smart Flying Airline.

In any piece of communication towards the target, we will exemplify/ explain the new concept - First smart flying company, by addressing the most sensitive issues: safety, services and cost.

As a tone of voice, we chose a rational one. The executions will be customized to different targets, benefits and barriers, explaining people that what they actually believed about the low cost category is wrong. And flying with a low cost is sometimes smarter than flying with regular airlines.


The Results:

We identified as source of business the first time air travelers (reasons- high costs and fear of flying) and people that have never traveled with a low cost company (because of comfort reasons and because of the bad PR regarding low cost flights), Romanians that are working abroad, event seekers, business travelers.