Here you can find a few words about how our ideas worked for our clients’ business.


A buzz generating and highly controversial approach that increased volume sales by 20%.

With all three major players offering similar product ranges, prices and number of shops, Altex achieved leadership, jumping from 10% to 30% market share, due to its funny and memorable brand personality. Altex maintains leadership since 2004.

A rational approach addressing the perception that “low cost” means “low service” and therefore “unsafe to fly with”. We changed Blue Air from one of the “low cost” airlines to the first “smart flying” company. 

41.000 copies sold in day one, with a bestselling peak of 126.000. CanCan and became the most important source of tabloid information in the market. is still the most visited website in .ro.

Talking about distinctive taste without showing ingredients and beautiful demo-shots. An irreverent and witty approach that helped Ciuc Premium increase its sales by 44% over the last three years and position it as a top player in the premium beer segment. 

A line extension that jumped out of nowhere, straight to number 1, grabbing more than 50% of the total flavored beer market and exceeding three times the launching objectives. The campaign had to be stopped temporarily due to Radler getting out of stock.

We invented the “daily installments” to point out “the lowest installments” in the market. In just one month - October 2008, there was a volume increase of 20% of the loans and a 74% increase vs one year ago (october 2007).

We turned mass media and politicians’ negative perception of Energy Holding into positive media coverage through finding and proving company’s belief (Power comes with responsibility) in an one month CSR activity- Danube Delta Cleaning Camp.

An image campaign helped Jurnalul National regain leadership in readership in a market altered by prize promotions initiated by Adevarul. “La Resistance” campaign increased the number of monthly sold copies by 43,1%.

The “100 euros/hour” promotions, featuring two stand-up comedians, registered more than 1 million entries, a benchmark in the industry.

The “energy in everyday life situations” promise helped Prigat achieve leadership in noncarbonated soft drinks in terms of value shares, selling 1,5 liter bottle at a higher price than competition’s 2 liter bottle. Moreover, Prigat got perceived as the most natural and healthy soft drink, without ever showing fruits in our communication, unlike all competitors.

The most important industrial project in Romania – the Rosia Montana mining project – with lots of stakeholders involved and therefore highly challenging. We provided people with accurate information in order to help them have an informed opinion about this subject. Ongoing communication increased the project’s awareness from 42.9% to 73.3% and favorability from 19.9% to 57.8% over four years.