In an industry that actually started 15 years ago, people in 23 have, on average, 10 years of experience. Professionals, experienced, loving what they do.

  • Bogdan Naumovici
    Creative Director

    Adman of the decade.

    What do I like about 23: If I would ever be sentenced for life to hard labour, this is where I would like to spend my sentence. Except for the Happy Wednesdays, May to October.

    Hobbies: 23, Harley Davidson, basketball, playing the drums, 23.

  • Laurentiu Semeniuc
    Strategic Planner

    Years in advertising: 10

    Business sectors: almost all besides telecom and pharma  – food, beverages, durables, household products, financial, retail, media & publications, social, public services. 

    What I like about 23: that I've found the place where I like to spend my day, where colleagues are my friends, and where what you have in your head matters more than the writing on your business card. 

    Hobbies: sports (tennis, biking, climbing), Beatles.

  • Elena Livinti
    General Manager

    Years in advertising: since 1998, 10 years in Leo Burnett Group, Brand Communication team, in 23 since its founding- 2006

    Business sectors: throughout the years handled local and international brands, local and worldwide launches: Prigat, Altex & Media Galaxy (since 2004), Rosia Montana Gold Corporation, Cancan, Energy  Holding, Philip Morris (L&M), Procter&Gamble (Wash&Go, Always) are just a few.

    What I like about 23:

    We know each other for a long time and we are more than colleagues. We know our “specialization” in idea generating and, during the projects, the “tasks” comes naturally.  And this helps, at the end of the day, the final results of our projects.


    Alternative therapies, Pilates, homemade cosmetics manufacturing. 

  • Diana Oanta
    Client Service Director

    Years in advertising: 12 years

    Business sectors: Food, beverages (alcoholic&non-alcoholic), banking, retail, auto

    What I like about 23: I like that we are unconventional, that we do not respect the hierarchies from a traditional agency, that we can all come up with ideas, that we have projects that are "different"

    Hobbies: photography, travel


  • Eduard Einhorn
    Senior Art Director

    15 years experience

    Business sectors: Automotive, Petrol, Food, alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, finance- insurance and banking, retail, telecommunications, personal care, pharma, tobacco

  • Antonio Marzavan

    Years in advertising: 9 years

    Business sectors: Just about everything (mostly Food, Alchoolic drinks, Banks, Cars, Personal Care, Electronics – looks like the plan for a Saturday night)

    What I like about 23: The people, the ideas, the lists for the website bios

    Hobbies: Games, sports, romantic walks on the beach, telling people my list of hobbies and seeing how interested they are







  • Radu Roman
    Art Director

    Years in advertising: Over 15 years in advertising, 11 years in Leo Burnett Group as Head of Graphic Design / Art director, Since July 2009 – art director at 23

    Business sectors: Philip Morris, Orange, GE Money, Raiffeisen, Alka/Nutline, Rosia Montana, UniCredit, Altex and many others

    Hobbies: fishing

  • Ana-Maria Pricop
    Project Manager

    Years in advertising: 7 years

    Business sectors: Beverages (alcoholic&non-alcoholic), Coffee, Consumer&Public Services

    What I like about 23: I most enjoy working with my colleagues and also with “the big boss”. It is very encouraging and also fun to work with people that are very skilled, smart, funny and very professional about their job. I like the feeling of pride that I get when I tell someone where I work.

    Hobbies: handcrafting activities, especially creating joules.

  • Ciurlau Catalin-Adrian
    Events coordinator

    Years in advertising: 18 years (of which 10 in Leo, 3 in Starcom, 5 in 23)

    Business sectors: I worked across all industries :) here are a few clients: Philip Morris, Bergenbier, Allianz-Tiriac, Western Union, P&G, Orange( Dialog ) Zapp Mobile, Prigat, Pepsi Amerca’s, Unicredit, Cancan, Citroen, Renault, Altex, Par Avion, Super Bingo Metropolis, Don Café, Lavazza, Johnie Walker, Playboy, RMGC… 

    What I like about 23: 23 is a unique place ... and I do not exaggerate with absolutely nothing when I say that! Connoisseurs know why ...

    Hobbies: Besides advertising I also like: fishing, football, poker, pork meal…


  • Bianca Naumovici
    Account Manager

    Years in advertising: 5

    Business sectors: food, beverages, retail, media& publishing, CSR, cosmetics, fashion, internet-related services.

    What I like about 23: it’s probably one of the few groups of people where there is always something new to learn, a new way to better yourself.

    Hobbies: fashion, photography, interior design& finding the next best restaurant with my friends.